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Don’t Buy A Lifted Truck with Rims!

Don’t buy a bad-ass truck with rims!!!  It’s tempting, though.  You get a nice commission check, whatever that number may be, and you want to start balling in a lifted, diesel, F250….with blacked-out rims.  Man, they’re nice.  I got a bunch of buddies with lifted trucks, leather interior, platinum edition….but most of the time, it’s a dumb-ass decision.

If you get a commission where you can buy your truck for cash is one thing, but getting a commission just to make a down payment in order to pay off your truck in 72 months is downright stupid.

Take care of your self first, and by that I mean pay off your credit cards, get a stockpile of cash for the inevitable firing/layoff/next opportunity or even start paying off your mortgage.

Some people like to think that a sales pro that has a bunch of debt and payments hanging over their head will work harder to make ends meet.  I say a sales rep with a bunch of cash who wants even more cash and doesn’t have the added worry of making too many payments is going to be your best rep.  Not having debt takes away an extra unnecessary worry.

I’ve gone both ways…I bought some stuff (boat, truck, even an airplane) I shouldn’t have and other times put the money in the bank.  That big bank statements looks a hell of a lot better than blacked-out rims.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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